Project Description

Western Springs

This was an old bungalow which was built in 1890. This house was pulled back from the prospect of being demolished; it was completely rebuilt from the front porch to the rear extension.

We had the pleasant surprise to find that the house had one of the oldest hardwood floors; Jarrah. This fantastic dark blood red wood which can be seen in the photos turned out to be the true feature for the house, at the same time it also proved to the only real issue with the project. At the time, this wood couldn’t be purchased in NZ or AUS, so we ended up purchasing the tree in Australia having it felled and sent to NZ then machined locally. There was a lot of hardship with sourcing this timber but the end result was outstanding and the client couldn’t have been happier.


Additional 65m2
Duration 5 months
Residential renovation
Core focus for this project was to achieve the highest modern standard with retaining all of the character of the 1890s Bungalow.